Monday, 14 October 2013

Empire of the Mind

Empire of the Mind is a blog for people interested in psychology, whether psychologists themselves, scientists in other fields, or simply interested members of the public. The (probably somewhat optimistic) aim is to give an entertaining yet insightful look into the world of psychology and neuroscience. It covers quite a broad range of topics, with each of the blog's central themes isolated to individual pages which can be accessed via the tabs at the top of the page. To help readers navigate to topics of interest, each of the tabs are explained below.

Media Missteps:

A look at various media misrepresentations of psychology and neuroscience, from newspapers and books to movies and TV.

Critical Reviews:

A sceptical look at new research findings and blog posts from other psychology-centred authors.

My Research:

Posts related to my research. This includes descriptions of experiments in progress, recent results I've obtained and links to publications.

Addiction Group:

Links to all of the latest research from the University of Liverpool Addiction Group.

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I'm a PhD student in experimental psychology at the University of Liverpool. My research is focused on automatic versus deliberative processes in general drug use and addiction. Here I blog about my research as well as casting a critical eye over new - and sometimes old - news in the world of psychology.